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Sunday, 25 November 2012


Hi! Welcome to NovastreaMoviesOz! I just wanted to write a little intro and let everyone know what this site was about, what my goals are and how this all came about.

First of all introuctions, my name is Alaisdair "Arrow" Dewar, I reside in Newcastle, NSW in Australia and I love movies. I run a collection of websites called NovastreaMedia. We review and post news about games, music, tv and surprise surprise movies. In mid 2012 we started launching sites directed at a specific Australian audience. I loved this idea as I think our country produces outstanding local content and wanted my love of Australian movies to factor into this somehow.

Assembling a team together is no easy feat, I started all of the websites by myself and while I love the solidarity and lack of accountability to others, it has been nice to rely on other people to keep things running while I refocus and keep things moving.

I love Australian movies, I love At The Movies with Margaret & David, I love what they have done for the film industry in Australia and their passion and diligence to the aussie film industry. While I share this love, I do not know anyone personally who shares this. Assembling a team to do this project was futile, and most people have the opinion that the Aussie film industry is a wasteland full of garbage. While historically we have had some bad ones, but so has Hollywood, Bollywood and every other movie industry out there.

So why this? I wanted to set out to review every single Australian film ever made, do a proper review and provide some reasons as to why it is still relevant today. In addition to this I wanted a website that would actively promote upcoming Australian movie projects, hopefully get some interviews with some Aussie actors, directors and the ultimate chat with Margaret & David about their career and opinion on the industry today. I also want to do profiles on local cinemas, their history, their origins and their future.

It is a HUGE goal but I am giving myself a whole year to set this up, I love feedback so if you are reading this please feel free to leave comments, or send me an email, or Facebook or Twitter message. If you also love the Aussie movie industry and would like to share your opinions or write a piece or review please get in touch. Also if Margaret or David are reading this PLEASE contact me I would love to set up an interview with you!

I hope you enjoy this website as much as I am going to enjoy posting everything here. Keep checking back for updates and some new content will be up here soon.


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