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Sunday, 25 November 2012

REVIEW - Kath & Kimderella (2012)

Roll out your favourite frocks and dress tizzy! The Foxy ladies from Fountain Lakes have FINALLY hit the big screen in their first feature film Kath & Kimderella. The movie has so far received highly negative reviews, but fortunately as seems to be the case at Novastream, the critics more often than not get it wrong!

Kath & Kimderella is a hilarious romp through Aussie pop culture, re-igniting our love for the Fountain Lake hotties and reminding us of why we fell in love with these characters so many years ago.

For those who are not a fan of the television series or haven't seen it before you are in luck, a quick little montage at the beginning narrated in true fairytale style by Kath (Jane Turner) will get you up to speed so don't fret if you haven't seen the series before or lost touch.

Kath enters a holiday competition at her local pharmacy while she is purchasing her wart-off spray, a delightful nod to the very beginning of the series. The phone rings and guess what? She has won a trip for two to Papiloma in Italy. Unfortunately due to his fear of flying and obsession with Masterchef, Kath's husband Kel has to stay at home and Kath's spoiled daughter Kim (Gina Riley) agrees to the trip with her second best friend Sharon (Magda Szubanski) tagging along.

From here the movie takes off, filmed on location in breathtaking Italy, the trio arrive to a town ruled by the tyrant King (Rob Sitch) and his servant Alain (Richard E. Grant) the trio cannot find a hotel due to the town being broke and endeavour upon a tour of the castle.

When met by the King he immediately takes a liking to Kath and her ways (and money!) and invites them to stay at the castle.  The prince is looking for his princess and finds Kim attractive and through a series of co-incidental events comes to believes that she is the princess he has been looking for his whole life.

All your favourites are back Kel (Glen Robbins) and Brett (Peter Rowsthorn) are great supports and while they do not get a whole lot of screen time it is enough to satisfy as with all things Kath & Kim it is about the two main girls. Szubanski does a fantastic job as Sharon as always, her meek and mild manor and constantly being called a lesbian is extremely entertaining and a joy to watch on screen. Sitch really gets into his role and makes it believable, you could definitely not tell that this was an Aussie. Richard E Grant is compelling and entertaining as the kings servants rolling his eyes at the duo's ways and is kind of the keeper of the audience in that sense. A brief appearance by Barry Humphries playing Dame Edna is a welcome guest appearance and a great laugh.

Turner and Riley are comedic geniuses and this movie is no exception, sticking to what we love about Kath & Kim, interpreting it into a fairytale in a European country is no easy feat and they pull it off tremendously. Fans of the series will love seeing these characters revived once more for what hopefully will not be their last outing on the big screen.

Prue and Trude also tag along on a separate story about a business trip in Italy and end up going to the royal wedding. Usually they have me in stitches but this film they where like the comedic break, I could stop laughing at Kath and Kim and rest my cheeks while they had their screen time.

Overall this is one of the best comedy fillums of 2012, it has everything a Kath and Kim fan could ever want in a big screen outing from the girls and director Ted Emery who also looked after the tv series weaves his magic yet again.

Kath & Kimderella is playing in cinemas across Australia now.
4 and a half footy franks out of 5!

Review by Alaisdair Dewar

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